AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G

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This updated classic with a fast maximum aperture is ideal for everyday shooting, perfect in low lighting situations and great for producing images with beautiful background blur (Bokeh).
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  • 5

    Awesome lens!

    Posted by Charlietilapa on January 29, 2018

    I was surprised the first shot I took with this. it came out amazing !!

  • 5

    Low Light

    Posted by Brandon on November 27, 2017

    This is an amazing lens. I bought and received a refurbished version of this lens shortly before going on a trip. I read great reviews about this lens being used in low light situations. This lens is great for low light photos! It´s very sharp and it focuses fast, and the bokeh is amazing at f/1.8!

    Very happy that I bought this lens!

  • 4

    Most handy lens for travel photography and portraits

    Posted by Mahitha on November 24, 2017

    I have been using this lens for more than 5 years and i didnt enjoyed a lens like this in travel and portrait photography.

  • 5

    Excellent when on the go!

    Posted by Sanfermines on August 19, 2017

    Had to pick up a replacement lens while in Spain. Bought it for low light use and was surprised at how good this compact lens turned out in everyday use.

  • 3

    I would give this lense 3.5-4, is this for a low light mainly (aperture 1.8)?Colours too flat.

    Posted by ferdie on August 7, 2017

    Although it´s pretty sharp in my opinion, the main good feature is the ability to isolate object from the background. That part is lovable and for the portraits and objects e.t.c. works well with no supersensitivity meaning a bit of handshake is still tolerable without a tripod. The bad part is the light and colours esp. the water and sky background. I find the some of the pics too flat, almost greyish. Need extra punch or maybe shooting in 1 stop vivid, different exposure; not sure, it´s just the blue comes out grey, the skin tones pale.. I am trying to use f2.8, will try a bit higher f3.5, but than- what is the point of having a big aperture feature. The bokheh is all right. Too much light on sensor? Who knows! I would like to get bright colours all year around, in bright sun or low light situation. If somebody can help, Please!!

  • 5

    Great To Start, Welcomed At Night

    Posted by deadManN on January 15, 2017

    It was the video i watched, and the interviewed photographer talked about he always take shots with ambient, and they really looked great, and suddenly an event came up, so i rent a 85mm for my cropped sensor D3200 camera, and every thing was so great, so i get back and told the shop owner, how much and how can i get it, he said it´s not good,as the owner didn´t keep it well and he offer high price, and doesn´t worse buying, take a 50mm, so i bought this one, the field of view is what i almost look for, not so close not so far, although it´s a semi tele photo (on my cropped sensor) almost equal to full body portrait lens, i got lot of great photo with it, without changing back to my 18-55 kit lens, also due my job, most of my free time rest in night, so i always need that large aperture of it, it helps a lot, must of time i can get the shot in 1/13 second in hand held mode, otherwise on tripod with less shutter speed, before the person move and make the shot go blur. It´s Sharp toward the kit lens, i can´t say much cause i didn´t had much of these lens or different camera to compare them to, but it´s sharp as i see it. the bokeh is great (well that´s obvious, that´s aperture doing), it think the T too much better than the kit lens, since the differences in amount of light is obvious in same setting. and if you ignore my country, the price is so low (everything so expensive in here, but that´s due currency value and lot of people eating over incoming items.)
    I suggest it.

    Review by Hassan Faghihi (myself), i own D3200 Crop sensor which is my first, operating 99% of time in manual mode,own the lens for ~51 month, and own the camera for near 1 year which is my first. i do any stuff, and not as a professional. my insta profile if you want to check in, sure i cannot show the full capacity of the lens as noobie, but i hope it helps: mimosh_pisholack

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    Posted by nosillynickname on December 4, 2016

    this lens just doesn´t have near the sharpness or clarity one would expect from any nikon lens. the back focus varies by aperture with f/8 yielding decent (not great) results. conducted tests on a tripod with remote shutter release and mirror up on my d4 and both d700 bodies at native iso settings. results were bad across the boards. hadn´t touched the lens in 3 years and don´t feel right about selling it. it only popped up on my radar again after meeting a nikon rep at a sales event in fort worth last weekend. they offered to inspect it so i´m sending it to them for possible repair, recalibration, incineration, or whatever. will revisit this review if anything changes.

  • 5

    love this lens!

    Posted by thegalaxysstars on November 1, 2016

    this lens was my first prime lens for my d3300, and i absolutely love it. i was using my 18-55mm lens for the longest time and i wanted a lens that got more bokeh/depth of field so i asked a family friend who is a nikon photographer and he referred me to this lens and i couldn´t be happier!

  • 5

    Perfect Lens

    Posted by user on October 25, 2016

    This is my first 50mm lens and I absolutely love it!