SG-31R IR Panel for Built-In Flash

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Attaches to camera flash shoe and covers the camera's built-in flash to prevent it from influencing the exposure.
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    The one accessory you absolutely need

    Posted by Nikon guy on December 12, 2011

    Off-camera iTTL flash with Nikon speedlights is easy, accurate, reliable, but it will only be beautiful if you buy this accessory to block the on-camera flash from showing up in your pix. The manuals all say that the commander flash is too dim to be seen in pictures, but that´s not true. This little chunk of plastic makes sure that no direct light spoils your pictures. I feel that it also helps prevent people from blinking because you won´t be shooting flash straight into their eyes.
    Buy it, you won´t be sorry.

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    i miss this product so so much

    Posted by andy vj on January 16, 2011

    the best camera ive ever used
    my canon 5d mk2 and 7d it´s still not a patch on the d200
    i wish i had not broken it and replaced it with the canon system
    even my d50 kept on going till late last year until i sold it