PC-E Micro NIKKOR 45mm f/2.8D ED

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This perspective control lens features tilt, shift and rotation capability, perfect for architectural, nature and commercial photography.
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    The perfect lens for product and lifestyle photography keeping perspective in mind.

    Posted by MeisterMeister on December 29, 2017

    This lens helps produces really sharp and high clarity images keeping perspective in mind. It also allows us to take multiple images using the shift feature and merge them in Photoshop.
    Check out samples the images I posted.
    Look and feel is great - feels solid in hand.
    Manual focus only.
    Smooth focus ring (more like a focus barrel)
    Variable aperture [changes at close focusing distance.. jumps from f/2.8 to f/3.8 when focused to the closest point (Macro)- I thought it was a flaw but in a way helps me get my shots right].
    Will now buy the 85mm pc - e

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    An excellent lens for landscape, nature and close-up photography

    Posted by Photoken on March 6, 2015

    This lens is an excellent complement to my D800E. Although I specialize in both architectural and landscape photography, I primarily use it for landscape photography because its focal length is longer than I normally use for architectural work. For landscapes, I often find it helpful to dial in a small amount of tilt (to, in effect, extend the depth of field), and it produces excellent panoramas by shifting left, then right, then stitching the images together. My only caution regarding shift-pans is that the shift in either direction should be limited to about 80% of the shift range, because the resolution drops off noticeably near the periphery of the image circle. For close-ups, the tilt and shift functions are extremely helpful, and for both landscapes and close-ups I find the edge-to-edge sharpness and color rendition of this lens to be very satisfying. Because of the deliberate manner in which I work, I do not find its lack of autofocus to be a drawback; in fact, the focus ring works smoothly and has just the right amount of resistance -- focusing is smooth and precise. This lens might not be for everyone, but for those who understand tilt and shift, and who enjoy the process of making fine photographs, I would highly recommend it. (The accompanying photo is a 3-image shift-pan: left, center and right, with the lens tilted to render both the foreground and background in sharp focus.)

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    Use With Caution

    Posted by dmbNik on May 18, 2013

    Most people think PC-E is great for architectural work, and they are right. The Nikkor 45mm PC-E is an excellent performer in and around structures but this lens loves going outdoors- out in the wide open spaces of landscapes. This lens like other Nikkor PC-E has some benefits not many fully realize . It has the power of expanding your field of view. With a PC-E lens you can shift your view up or down making for a spectacular image with very high resolution.
    PC-E lens performs perfect indoors and around buildings, but don´t forget the Nikkor PC-E loves to be taken out in the wild, an amazing tool for landscapes.

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    Posted by mattshu on August 1, 2010

    There are very few lenses that are worthy of such a price tag. This one is, easily. Perfectly sharp. Beautiful bokeh. absolute control.

    The only down side is that the controls are opposite than I´d prefer. The shift feature moves laterally when I´d prefer it to move medially in conjunction with the tilt feature. I understand that as a portrait/wedding photographer I´m probably an anomaly, but it would be nice to be able to switch.