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The ML-L7 is a Remote Control that uses Bluetooth® to connect with select Nikon cameras. It allows photographers to control various camera functions on the camera as well as trigger the shutter from the remote, so you don't need to disrupt your shooting while super telephoto shooting or when using the camera on a tripod or in a remote location.
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    works ok

    Posted by ChBee on June 2, 2023

    Works as intended. Using it with my Nikon Z6ii. However, autofocus works only on the first shot and stays that way for the consecutive shots. It's ok if the object stays at the same distance, but in case of too much movement and distance change I have to set up the remote again. But at the end, currently it is better than any other alternatives out there.

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    Posted by Shawn on May 30, 2023

    Great remote if you want a remote where the shutter button works intermittently and the Fn and D-Pad buttons don't work at all... :(

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    ML-L7 is a great tool for the Z50.

    Posted by Mike Flanagan on February 7, 2023

    It's very simple to pair and works great. It can open both the MENU and iMENU, and make changes if you program it to do that. The range is probably shorter than the WR-10 Kits for the other Z Cameras I have, but for the Z50 it should serve very well. It didn't come with any instructions for setup. I did find instructions on the internet and a PDF of the instruction sheet it might come with.

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    Will not do Auto-Focusing on my Z7ii

    Posted by Cui on December 7, 2022

    I'm using the ML-L7 with my newly purchased z7ii with FTZ2 adapter and some F mount lenses. I instantly found that the ML-L7 shutter release button will only do auto-focusing one time right after the camera was turned on and it will never do AF again. This is obviously a huge flaw and I hope Nikon do something about it.

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    ML-L7 Remote

    Posted by richard corby on December 15, 2020

    I know with the P1000 there is no half press focus which by the way was not in any pre buying literature. Fork out the dollars then read the instructions where it gives you that oh, a piece of crap moment. Shouldn't have bothered buying it, I can do better with Snapbridge remote albiet it only focuses on one spot when touching your phone screen.