ML-3 Compact Modulite Remote

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Enables remote control up to 8m (26.2 ft.) via an infrared ray.
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    Superb remote control when used in conjunction with Nikon camera internal Delay Timer modes and Time Lapse.

    Posted by GLOBETROTTER on April 7, 2019

    Works with all Nikon F and D Pro cameras (will also work with D810/D850 and other bodies). Most reviews state that it does not work other than Single or Continous modes... but this is not quite correct. Simply set your camera body (such as the Nikon D800) to Self-Timer mode (C3 in Menu), and set the details how you want it to remotely fire (for example: 20 seconds delay, followed by 10 shots, at 3-second intervals). The camera will then begin to count down your set delay function and fire at your pre-set intervals. The ML-3 will also work in conjunction with your in-camera body Delay Timer function and Remote Trigger (Fires instantly or starts countdown Delay) when something or someone moves between ML-3 Transmitter and Receiver infrared beam. Very useful for my professional work. Note: the Receiver swivels around on its axis, to point in any direction. Use a Nikon ML-3 holder or flash arm if you need to also use on-camera hotshoe flash with this unit.

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    It makes a huge difference in some of my specialty shoots!

    Posted by J. Logan on May 18, 2013

    The remote control is small and light; and some of its features include ‘auto triggering´ and delayed shutter release and a control labeled ‘C´ which stands for Continuos and a ‘S´ which stands for Single shot.
    I tested the feature which the remote provides with automatically taking a pic when a subject moves between the receiver and the transmitter; It´s called Auto Trigger mode; Between the transmitter and the receiver, an infrared pointing from the transmitter to the receiver; if anyone crosses the path between the transmitter which should not move and the receiver which stays still as possible as well.
    I got a couple of shots of birds eating pop corn I purposely left on the floor, but none of the shots impressed me; still, what I learned is that ‘it works´ and I´m confident that if planned better, this feature may provide unachievable shots if we tried our best to approach wild animal subjects.
    To operate without interference, the ML-3 has to be in a clear ‘line of sight´ to operate without interference, but this is partially solved by sticking one side of Velcro to the top of the receiver and glueing them together; the other velcro side glue it to a part of the camera´s side, and put them hanging together with the receiver pointing towards you; if you must move from your standing location behind the camera, just separate the two Velcroed receiver/camera and reposition the receiver pointing towards where you´ll be as needed. I didn´t notice any interference while using the remote; it responded at the first push of the remote´s shutter button.
    The transmitter is so well design, that it works exactly like the camera´s shutter button; one light press of the button and it starts the camera´s ‘autofocus´ sensors; then a deeper push to the button takes a picture!
    This remote control proved mostly helpful when shooting with Micro lenses (I have the 200mm Micro lens) and when shooting with the camera mounted on a tripod; one more thing, to avoid even less vibrations coming into the camera´s body, change the settings to Mirror Up; that way when the picture is taken, the mirror´s vibrations won´t affect the shutter´s moment at all, because the Mirror goes up first, and then the picture is taken. I see many uses for this Transmitter; I also have rechargeable batteries in the remote control (3 AAA).

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    The product is easy to use and very reliable.

    Posted by Nikson on January 29, 2011

    The Nikon ML-3 Wireless Modulite Remote allows the unit to be used without worrying about radio interference. The effective range of 8 metres is more than adequate for remote photography of wild games and portrait. The additional features such as automatic triggering and dual channel operation extend the versatility of the ML-3. Now when photographing my Grandchildren, I can be included in the pictures without depending on other people. I would strongly recommend in getting also the SK-7 Mounting Bracket leaving free the camera hot-shoe for flash.