EG-CP14 Audio Video Cable

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Enjoy photos and videos on your television. Supplied with select Nikon cameras.
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    Good product, tiny camera connector

    Posted by nicabod on November 16, 2011

    I haven´t used this, yet, but it should work just fine.
    The S3100 (and probably a few other cameras that use this cable) has been made about as tiny and light as present technology permits, and the camera connector is, indeed, tiny. Nevertheless, it is well-designed and rugged enough to withstand common-sense treatment. The connector itself is truly small. You can see that it´s roughly rectangular (but actually more trapezoidal), so, unlike a round mouse or keyboard connector, there are only two ways to attach it. Common sense says not to force it; Nikon would never put out a product that required a lot of force to mate a connector.

    That mysterious big, black cylinder that the cord loops through is a ferrite cylinder with a hole through it. It absorbs modern high-speed electronic interference that would otherwise use the cable as an antenna and possibly disturb other electronic devices.

    If you ever expect to use this cable, do take care of it! Don´t lose it. Not sure, but that tiny connector might not be industry standard (yet, if ever?).

    I trust Nikon so thoroughly that I have no worries about quality.

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    AV it is such a small port

    Posted by gizzmoman on March 8, 2011

    AV it is such a small usb port that it is hard to get a good quick connection you have to go slow and make sure you have it turned the right way.Other wise you break your usb port and you can not charge your camera battery or look at your pics on your TV or computer. It should have been made bigger then the HD port or the same as a regular USB port .2 thumb´s down for this design.But other then that it is a good camera and we love it.....