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The DF-M1 Dot Sight is designed to be used with select Nikon cameras. When attached to the camera's hot-shoe, it assists you in acquiring distant subjects by acting as a zoomed-out targeting device. Just line up the subject in the Dot Sight at a normal field of view to easily track it at extreme magnifications.
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    A MUST for Superzoom Cameras, such as P900, P950, or P1000

    Posted by Mike Wickham on February 19, 2022

    An awesome device for superzoom cameras! Have you ever zoomed way in, then jiggled the camera and lost sight of the target? It is really hard to reacquire the target in superzoom. So you have to zoom out, find it in a wider angle view, then zoom back in. With the DF-M1, you first calibrate the device. Then, when zoomed in, if you lose target, merely shift your eye to the DF-M1 (which retains wide-angle view) and tilt the camera to put the red or green dot back onto the target. Bam! Your zoom is recentered on the target, while still zoomed in! The dot site is a lifesaver on Coolpix P1000, but will work on any camera with a flash shoe.

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    Its a great addition to your gear bag. Works well on long lenses to hit that target

    Posted by Peterjrs Peterjrs on January 8, 2021

    I am using this with the 500pf and so far I love it. I will take a little getting used to but its a good addition to my bag. It stays with my 500pf.

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    Solves a Very Real Problem

    Posted by Scripps23 on September 28, 2019

    When using 400mm or longer focal length lenses, It become extremely difficult to acquire and track small and fast moving objects in the distance. The new Nikon DF-M1 Dot Site completely solves the problem. Once you calibrate the red or green dot on the sight´s finder screen with the center point of the camera´s view finder, the frustration of finding your subject ends. This new devise is so accurate, you no longer need to watch the subject in the camera´s view finder. Simply continue to track the subject with the red or green dot on the sight´s finer screen and your subject will be captured within the image frame.

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    Fantastic aid for BIFs (Birds In Flight)!

    Posted by MikeF on October 25, 2018

    This is a very intuitive device that will be a great aid for quick subject motion and acquisition of Birds in Flight and other rapidly moving subjects. It does not project a laser or other light onto the subject, the bright sighting reference is only visible with your eye centered with the DF-M1. It has three different reticles in either Red or Green illumination. It needs to be ´´sighted in´´ or adjusted for alignment before use by putting the sight mounted camera on a stable surface or tripod with a target at a similar distance to the expected BIFs. Adjustment requires the camera to be on and the DF-M1 to be open with battery installed so the Camera Monitor can be viewed and aligned to the reference subject and then the controls for the adjustment of the horizontal and vertical reticles turned to align the Dot, Circle, or Circle with Center Dot. There is also an adjustment for five levels of brightness of the Reticles. It was released with the P1000, but I have been using it with my Z7, D850, and D500. It should work with any camera with a flash shoe above the lens. Please, forgive my feeble attempt to illustrate how it works.