BM-14 LCD Monitor Cover

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The BM-14 LCD Monitor Cover is designed to protect the rear LCD monitor of the D610/D600 from scratches and dirt.
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    Nice protection, but am having to replace it in just a few months of average use

    Posted by WildPixelsHunter on April 26, 2013

    The plastic this monitor cover is made of scratches incredibly easy. I just ordered a new one after just a few long hikes with my D600 hanging around my neck, and any button on your shirt will scratch this; with a little scratch occurring with almost every step you take if you´re using trekking poles... can barely see through it now. Wondering if Nikon will come out with a non-scratch button cover to affix to offending buttons? Would be a cute product with a little yellow background and an N on it for Nikon. Can´t believe how easy it is to scratch this plastic. But, would rather replace this than have to send the camera in for a new glass back. What would be best is to make it out of sapphire glass... unbreakable for the most part, and incredibly scratch resistant. I´d rather buy one of those for $100 and have it last the life of the camera vs. this plastic thing and replacing it 3 x year.
    Also, a tip, when hiking with a backpack, hook a carabiner onto the top hand loop of your pack and hook the camera strap into that, which will take the weight of the camera off of your neck and have it instead pulling up on your pack.

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    Didn´t take long to break off

    Posted by Caryn on December 12, 2012

    I have had my D600 for about a month, and the bottom tab of the LCD cover has already broken causing the cover to fall off. I´ve had covers on my other Nikon bodies for years, and they are robust and have lasted. This one is very flimsy in comparison.

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    Easy to loose

    Posted by ES on September 28, 2012

    Good for protecting the monitor. Not very well connected to the body. Disappeared during the very first shoot!