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Supplied with MS-D12EN for EN-EL15 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery (sold separately) and MS-D12 for 8 AA batteries (not included); accepts 1.5V LR-6 (Alkaline), Lithium (FR6), Ni-MH (HR6) or Ni-Mn (ZR6).
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    The perfect complement to the D810.

    Posted by Tony Perrone on March 11, 2023

    I see a lot of people complaining about the price, and at its original retail, I agree. But I got mine at the "Nikon Store" online at Amazon for $270. The MB-D12 provides another welcome addition and enhancement to the level of performance offered by my D810. It communicates with the camera body to allow vertical shots with front and rear dial command inputs, shutter release button and grants far longer battery life. Like the grip itself, I use actual Nikon brand batteries, En-El15 for best results. I have 6 Nikon DSLR's and every one is equipped with a genuine Nikon battery grip. Guess I am just spoiled that way; but I love them and the feel I get from holding a substantial camera.

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    Way Over Priced!

    Posted by ROLANDO WADE on April 7, 2022

    Nice Grip. Decent quality. Waaaayyyy Overpriced!

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    Nikon MB-D12 features and functions

    Posted by Whaleshark on January 4, 2020

    The Nikon MB-D12 Multi Power Battery Pack is a vertical grip for select Nikon cameras including the D800, D800e, and D810. The MB-D12 allows use of several additional power sources for extended run times without interruptions to shooting. The MB-D12 features an extra set of the main camera controls that allows shooting vertical images from a more stable stance and it counterbalances larger lenses.
    The MB-D12 is compatibile with the Nikon D800, Nikon D800e, Nikon D810, and Nikon D810A camera bodies. The grip can use three different battery holders for a range of extended power options. Using the MS-D12EN Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Holder adds power from one EN-EL15 battery. The MS-D12EN also features a door for a power cable so EN-EL15 shaped AC Adapters can be used instead. Using the MS-D12 AA Battery Holder adds power from eight AA size batteries. The ubiquitous nature of AA batteries and vast range of charging options such as solar chargers makes this capability most valued when shooting in the wild. The BL-5 Battery Chamber Cover is another battery holder option that clips onto the end of a EN-EL18 or EN-EL18a battery (the high capacity batteries used by the Nikon D4, D4s and D5 cameras).
    The MB-D12 has a set of controls oriented for vertical shooting. The grip features it´s own: shutter release button (with button on/off switch), ´AF On´ button, front control dial, rear control dial, and multi-select stick. The control orientation allows the photographer to take vertical images with their right arm and hand in a more natural comfortable position (not overhand or underhand).
    The extra mass of the MB-12 helps resist vibration while also shifting the camera and lens combination center of balance closer to the photographer thus making it easier to hold still. Photographers with larger hands will find the additional grip area a welcome improvement to camera body ergonomics.
    The MB-D12 is easy to add or remove quickly. All you have to do is remove the connection port cover on the bottom of the camera and screw the grip into the camera´s tripod socket. The grip also has built-in storage space for the camera port cover to keep it from getting lost.
    If you ever use a longer lens handheld the MB-D12 is an especially handy accessory for your D800 or D810.
    Key Features
    Vertical grip for Nikon D800, D800e, D810, and D810A bodies
    Improves ergonomics and handling
    Vertical shutter release button and controls
    Multiple power options provide extended camera run time
    Reduces shots lost due to battery changes
    Add or remove easily and quickly
    Improves camera balance especially with long or heavy lenses
    MS-D12 accepts 1.5V LR-6 (Alkaline), Lithium (FR6), Ni-MH (HR6) or Ni-Mn (ZR6).

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    Bad quality, lack of service and extremely overpriced

    Posted by StevenJingel on July 6, 2016

    Cons: weak adhesive on rubber grips; weak connection to camera body, a lot of force required to attach firmly and diminish wobbling; huge repair bill with no warranty service period; tiny multi-selector joystick and no separate AE-L button.

    Bought it for my D800E and later used for my D810 too. Works as expected for about a year.
    After that rubber grips start to peel off. Most annoyingly, same thing happened with my D800E body in the past, also after about a year from purchase, and exactly the same happened later with my D810 (around year after purchase too).

    Official service asked $100 to replace rubber grips, because warranty period for accessories is 3 months, which is insane for $600 product. I refused, of course (yet required to pay $10 for ´´diagnostics´´ despite issue was obvious!). On D800E and D810 grips were replaced free of charge (camera body have 2 years warranty period) and without additional charge for diagnostics. For $100 you can buy TWO new third-party grips (and a lot of glue).

    Another issue is you have to screw it to the camera really hard to get firm connection. Add still, little wobbling remains. It can be tolerated in handheld, but firm connection is essential for me. As I don´t want to unscrew battery grip every time I need to use monopod or tripod.

    Bottom line: I expected much higher quality and service form Nikon. Seems this is just extremely overpriced product with no service nor quality or features behind that price (for $550 price difference compared to 3rd parties we can at least get good adhesive on grips, or features like Wi-Fi and GPS).

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    Crazy price

    Posted by FrustratedNikonian on March 31, 2016

    Excellent feeling on hand, but need to pay the price of a decent camera body ($749, really?) for a grip. Wondering if Nikon competitors are setting up Nikon price.

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    Great Product but don´t get the price

    Posted by LUVNIKON on February 14, 2016

    I bought this battery grip this past July from Adorama for $396 for my new D810. I agree with other postings that the listed price of $616 is way too high. I wouldn´t have purchased it at that price. $400 for me was a reach but having owned a grip for my D7000, I knew it was a quality product. That said, i really think the product is great. It fits tightly to the camera body and I like how the D810 fits in my hands now. The controls for portrait shooting are positioned great and work like a charm.

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    Failed after 18 months

    Posted by zemlinphoto on May 31, 2015

    I´m an advocate of Nikon gear and have owned several Nikon grips. This is the second Nikon grip I´ve had with issues however, and the price tag on this one makes it that much more disappointing.

    First, I wish there was more than just the tripod screw holding it to the camera body. There´s more flex between the body and the grip than I´d like to see. I have a high-dollar tripod and ball head and and L-Bracket. The body-grip connection is the weakest link by far.

    Second, after 18 months the grip has stopped seeing the internal battery. The buttons and dials all still work, but it will no longer draw from the battery in the grip. The battery in the camera body is all I get now. I´ve seen others report this problem and the repair bill is reported to be $275. OUCH!!!

    It would be a lot easier to endorse Nikon grips if I hadn´t had 2 out of the 3 I´ve bought new fail shortly out of warranty.

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    Top quality, functionally perfect

    Posted by BokehMagic on November 12, 2014

    Some complain about the price, but the quality is twice as good, in my opinion. Some say there are rattles, but my copy does not. Perhaps they are not inserting the battery until it clicks. This is a first-rate professional piece of equipment. You get what you pay for. Got mine for $350 (open box), by the way.

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    You´re Joking, Right?

    Posted by Nikonulous on February 26, 2013

    $600 for a battery grip?? I just bought a functionally (and aesthetically) identical knock-off for $50 on Amazon. The last ´´official´´ Nikon battery grip I bought for my D300 was $150 retail. I´d have to be either desperate or woefully uninformed to pay this much.