MB-D11 Multi Power Battery Pack

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Runs on either one EN-EL15 battery or six R6/AA-size alkaline/Ni-MH/lithium batteries to provide added stability with extended shooting potential. Magnesium alloy employed for exterior cover durability.
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    Power Sources For D7000

    Posted by FrankJunior1 on January 21, 2014

    I have owned the Nikon D7000 for over 3 years now. From my experience with this camera I find that it is a well designed camera with the exception of when powering the camera with the AC adapter. Any one who has purchased the EH-5b AC adapter and the required EP-5b cord, both sold separately, should know what I am discussing here. This is an incredibly flawed design for such a great camera. Nikon followed this flawed design with the MB-D11 battery grip. Nikon could have put a power cord connector on the exterior of the battery grip. With this in mind one could have powered the camera and charged both batteries (1 in Camera, 1 in grip) at the same time. As it stands now I have to at least remove the battery in the grip to install the EP-5b. Nikon could have easily corrected this in the design of the grip. Incredibly Nikon continues with this flawed design in the newer D7100 and the D800(E). With this in mind I will reluctantly recommend the MB-D11 for the extra battery life and for better grip of the camera.

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    I love my Nikon MB-D11.

    Posted by EddieBTx on July 8, 2013

    I bought the Nikon MB-D11 Multi-Power Battery Pack to extend the life of my Nikon D7000 while on extended photo shoots or travelling. The product arrived in an original Nikon box with associated packaging, Nikon MB-D11 cover, warranty and instruction manual.

    This is a must have accessory for the serious photographer using the Nikon D7000.

    Firstly, the Nikon MB-D11 is well constructed and all that you would come to expect of Nikon quality. The Nikon MB-D11 Multi-Power Battery Pack arrived dry, meaning that you have to provide an additional Nikon EN EL15, or Runs on six R6/AA-size alkaline/Ni-MH/lithium batteries. There is a lot of talk about the battery release being poorly constructed or fragile. I have found that it is pretty solid and although not super industrial, it works fine and as long as you treat it right, it serves its purpose. The Nikon MB-D11 grip feels nice and solid, matches the camera and when it is connected, does not look like a two piece unit.

    After installing my spare Nikon EN EL15 battery into the MB-D11, I removed the isolating strips from the base of the camera, placed the MB-D11 on the locating pin and wound the tightening screw to secure the unit to the camera. I have no problems with movement and it feels solid against the camera. A no fuss installation.

    Generally, what is there to say about the MB-D11? I love that I have an extended battery life being able to carry two EN EL15 batteries on a shoot, I don´t find the extra weight a burden. The extra time you have shooting far outweighs the weight issue. I love the solid Nikon construction and quality of the MB-D11. Since I have had the Nikon MB-D11, it has not come off my camera, apart from having to recharge the battery.

    If you don´t have an original Nikon MB-D11 for your Nikon D7000 and you want the extra power, get one, you won´t be disappointed.

    Lastly, a little word of advice. Buy an original Nikon MB-D11 from a reputable dealer! There are many aftermarket versions out there that just aren´t the same quality.

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    Great Grip though heavy and over priced

    Posted by astroNikon on March 11, 2013

    Since I bought my D7000 in 2012 I really needed a vertical grip. I researched all the Nikon cheap copies out there and many (if not all) did not support a full function of all the buttons. I ended up waiting on eBay for a little bit less than normal price and I finally got one back in Nov 2012.

    The grip is heavy with it´s internal metal case but it is such a pleasure to use in the vertical mode. The metal case also is more security when on a tripod- I´m not sure I trust those cheap plastic copies as much). I´m glad it´s easily on/off too because I use an old Nikon 500mm lens where I cannot put the lens on/off with the grip on due to the tripod collar hitting the grip. The thumb selector is a bit odd and pointy but functions fine (they could make it more like the MultiSelector on the Main Body for easier ´´feel´´ transitions).

    I use the battery tray to hold 6 AA batteries, though more as storage for backup batteries for my SB-700 flash (4-AA) than actually use them for the D7000 camera.

    Great grip. It adds alot of girth and weight but if you take alot of verticals you would wonder what you did without one.

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    Posted by Andrew on February 19, 2013

    Excited to have this flexibility. Bought the battery pack for vertical use and extended battery power for our major safari vacation.
    I have taken a few photos but now it is dead, no matter what battery I put in it.
    Really disappointing for a Nikon branded product.
    Of course, since I bought it on line from Nikon, no store that I can go to will care.

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    Great battery pack

    Posted by Michigan Coasty on November 29, 2012

    The MB-D11 was one accessory I was holding off on. Upon breaking down and getting it, I am more than pleased. My usual battery life had been around 1500 shots and I thought that was good enough, until I had to change batteries at the beach a day before hurricane sandy hit. Sand and salt water are two things you want out of your camera. After getting the MB-D11 I was able to fill up six 32 BG cards and still had juice. I have not noticed any looseness or play between it and the camera body in mine, and other than there is room for two batteries in the pack, I love it.

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    multi-selector pad was a dealbreaker for me,.....

    Posted by DZGROOVE on August 26, 2012

    The shutter release, front command wheel, and rear command wheel were similar in feel to their duplicated counterparts and I was cool with them (or OK enough). The AE-L AF-L button location was close to the shutter release and I REALLY liked it there!,....very easy to use. The huge problem I had was the multi-selector ´´joypad´´,..... It was nothing like its duplicated counterpart on the D7000 and was overly sensitive in an awkward way. I was all the time pressing the ´´ok´´ middle position while I was trying to hit either up,down,left, or right. It´s something that I think I would have eventually gotten use to and tolerated but would always dislike and it was a deal breaker for me. I returned it for a refund. Also, once its tightened to the D7000 body, its snug but the 2 small pins on the opposite side of the tightening screw are enough smaller than the holes they plug into, which allows the grip to shift around and ´´wobble´´ just a bit and ever so slightly rattle while you are moving the camera around from portrait to landscape. This grip shifting was very minor of a shift and so slight but always noticeable. The shifting grip was NOT a dealbreaker for me but the poor multi-selector pad was. I would have been happy to pay well over the $259.99 price at Crutchfield had the joypad been like what was on the camera. Keep in mind, that for this price you do NOT get a battery of any kind with it either,.....but that joypad!!!!!! :( ugggggghhhhhhh Nikon! make a real vertical grip that fits tight and has a joypad like what´s on the camera AND include a battery and I will pay you $375 for it. Heck don´t include the battery,......I already have an extra one anyway!,...and I will still pay you $375 for a grip!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST MAKE IT RIGHT! everything else I´ve bought from you has been top notch!

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    Great Grip!

    Posted by CabbageHead on July 29, 2012

    The MB-D11 feels nice and solid in hand In comparison to after-market versions. An associate of mine let me use his after-market grip for a day just before i received my grip and I felt like it was very cheaply made also it heated up quite a bit while shooting and charging. Luckily for me when i received my MB-D11 i immediately noticed the difference in feel and function... thank you Nikon for having a great understanding of fit and feel! I appreciate the quality and design of another Nikon Product!

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    Awesome accessory! Must have for the D7000

    Posted by ´´SHOOTER´´ on April 10, 2012

    Easy to shot with, very versatile! Thanks for making this product. Makes vertical shooting a breeze. Easy to handle and Great construction. I also appreciate the way this grip is able to hold a extra battery for extended shots! I´d highly recommend this product.

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    Posted by Luis on March 10, 2012

    PROS: Buy it!!! Don´t go to a clone, all of them are rubbish
    CONS: There is enough space for another EN-EL5 battery