MH-61 Battery Charger

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    No op instructions, single color LED ????

    Posted by WaltlikesNikon4ManyYears on May 3, 2018

    Thanks to the reviewer that explained the pilot light codes.
    Simple yes but no green for charged?
    No red for overtemp?
    One Amber for everything.
    Glad I didn´t pay much for it.
    Many Many more feature rich units are available.

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    This is old school type charger

    Posted by traveler582 on December 7, 2012

    First, I can´t believe Nikon didn´t already include this with the camera, instead they supplied a charger that connects directly to the camera and then the outlet.

    And when I travel with this camera I won´t want to have to plug the camera into an outlet, I´d rather just plug the battery into the outlet to charge..

    Also, I cannot believe Nikon did not have the foresight to include a charger that had extendible outlet prongs instead of going with a separate cord attaching to the charger....more to lose and possibility of mixing up cords and chargers....

    Very disappointed in Nikon

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    Great package, would like to know what happens when no lights light.

    Posted by cwolf520 on June 28, 2012

    I like the review from ´elp´. There is one setting that is not described. What happens when there are NO indicators lit? I happen to have two of these chargers and I always pick up the wrong one. I think this means the power supply inside the unit is dead. Since I can´t get into the unit, I can´t troubleshoot the power supply. The other unit I give 5 stars to as it does work. This one does not. Forgot how I came across the ´bad´ unit, but I am in the process of hacking it appart to see what makes it tick. More later when I find the problem. Probably a ´fuse´ that opened when something shorted the output pins.

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    Using MH-61 charger

    Posted by elp on February 29, 2012

    This charger works just fine and there is nothing to complain about. It´s fast and reliable.
    Few words about light indicator:
    glows (battery not inserted) - charger plugged in, ready to work
    blinking (battery inserted) - battery recharging
    glows (battery inserted) - charging is complete, battery is full, ready to be removed
    flickers (battery inserted) - temperature is outside the designated range or there is a battery malfunction - unplug the charger immediately!

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    Easy to use

    Posted by Radley on March 26, 2011

    The Nikon MH-61 battery charger seems easy to use. However, I would have liked to have a little more documentation with the product -- for example, an explanation of what the color of the light indicator means.