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Your full frame journey begins with the Z 5. Simple yet sophisticated, compact yet powerful, the Z 5 is built to grow with you. It’s everything you’d expect from a full frame mirrorless camera—intense detail, expansive views, brilliant low light capabilities, 4K UHD video and more—plus all the innovative tools you need to push the limits of your creativity.
The 24-50mm Lens Kit is designed to grab and go—capturing amazing stills and video wherever you are. Pairing the sophisticated yet simple 24 megapixel Z 5 with the small, lightweight, NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 zoom lens, this kit is ideal for street photography, interiors, portraits, and videos—wherever your creativity leads.
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    A More than Entry Level Camera!

    Posted by Oscar Mcmillan on March 30, 2023

    Coming from a mirrorless Sony Alpha APS-C camera, the z5 is far superior. Fantastic sharp viewfinder and great touch screen rear monitor. I shoot stills, mostly portraits, people and animal pictures. Not too concerned about video. The camera feels great to hold and all the controls are easily assessable. Got it with the excellent z 24-70 mm f/4 S lens (see attached photos) and have just ordered a z 85 mm f/1.8 S. Shoot in RAW and JPEG +and have used NX Studio post-processing app that is a free download from Nikon. Nice! Have not used in low light situations, but heard that the 1.4 firmware update (which I installed) improved low light focusing. I wish the camera could update new firmware via Snapbridge, but that is a minor gripe. Overall, extremely pleased with my first full frame Nikon!

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    Compact, solid, precise and capable. Love the Z5!

    Posted by George R. Keller on March 30, 2023

    So after retiring after working as a state government photographer in 2014, beginning first as a Navy Photographer (1971-75), then a photojournalist and pro-sports photographer in Southern California in the ‘80s, and freelancing all that time as a wedding photographer for around 42 years.,here are my thoughts. It’s all about the image and what makes it easy and possible for you to achieve that image. This camera does that in spades, quickly, simply and with plenty of resolution and file quality to allow for correction and enlargement. If I happen to need crazy amounts of resolution I’ll use my D810, but this is the camera I use 90 percent of the time as I spent a lot of years hauling around 4x5 format gear, loads of various film based Nikons, F3’s and F4’s, tripods etc.. I like compact, efficient quality and this great Z5delivers. I like it so much I recommend it to my students at the local college where I’m Professor of Photography. A great, solid, capable camera that doesn’t compromise on quality.

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    The Reliable All-Arounder

    Posted by SEAN MCCULLOUGH on March 20, 2023

    I shoot a hybrid film/digital workflow, using the same set of manual focus lenses. The Z5 is a well-made tool that does its job. When mounted with the FTZ adapter, I can use my old Nikkor lenses in full manual or aperture-priority auto for perfect exposures and creative control of the final image. The body feels very solid in my hand. The grip is well-sized for my hand. The buttons and dials are sensibly placed. More important than placement, they simply work. Everything on this camera works the first time, every time. It has worked flawlessly for me out on mountain hikes well below the freezing point, in low light situations, in high contrast situations, in studio situations, and anywhere else I take it.

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    Great camera TTL flash is flawless

    Posted by Steven Paradise on February 27, 2023

    Bought the Z5,24-200 Z lens, and the SB-500 flash for people pictures. Took over 200 shots at my granddaughters 7th birthday party and they were all perfectly exposed I used a simple white piece of cardboard to bounce the flash a bit. Medium room light had no issues with the AF whatsoever. Used Auto 1/60th flash sync ISO 400 single shot AFS and Wide-L. Did not miss a single shot. The TTL on this camera is far better than my Sony A1 which always forced me to shoot in manual to dial in the exposure.The 24-200 is sharp at all focal lengths and the zoom is handy. I also own a 50mm 1.8 but that would have meant cropping some of the pics. The EVF and rear screen are terrific . Didn't experience any lag.I have owned a lot of EVF cameras over the years and I have to say this is the best for people pictures I have ever used. When the party was over I was able to transfer the pictures I chose to my iPhone using SnapBridge and it resized them upon request to a smaller size (2MP) I then air dropped them to my kids and it was quick and easy While the Sony A1 is great for birds in flight it can't touch the Z5 for snapshots.

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    Disappointed due to focusing troubles

    Posted by Macel on October 6, 2022

    Not good at tracking action and often struggles to keep faces in focus on basic family portrait photo shoots. It often picks the wrong focal point (in auto mode). I “upgraded” from a Nikon D5500 to the Z5 and have been disappointed overall. Though I will say that when the Z5 focuses well the shots really deliver and look good and better than my D5500. The Z6ii and Z7ii we’re out of my price range though and after looking at the Z5 specs vs D5500 I’d be happy and be able to make the jump to mirrorless. Unfortunately will be keeping my D5500 as my action camera and using my Z5 for portrait sessions.

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    Horrible auto focus

    Posted by Frankenfield on September 28, 2022

    So I've had this model for a few weeks now and between the Z series lens and FTZ2 adapter my pictures are almost blurry. With the same settings as my D780 it just has proven unreliable in low light situations. Seriously regret going mirrorless. Tried changing to all focus options but to no avail. Maybe if there's a firmware push to fix this issue or to adjust to use the flash focusing light instead... but until then I'm staying DSLR

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    Wonderful choice!

    Posted by Jennifer Peoples on August 26, 2022

    I love this camera! Bought the Z5 after months of research. My old camera was nine year old Canon PowerShot. I have no complaints about this camera at all!! None! There is nothing about the Z5 that is an, “I wish…” it is perfect for me! I bought it at Hunt’s in Manchester, NH two months ago. It was very easy to learn and my skills have improved. I got the 24-200 mm lens and am saving up for the 400mm lens for wildlife photography. Very happy with my purchase.

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    Want to like it, but...!

    Posted by Frank Rowe on August 12, 2022

    Going back to SLR Film days, and having used Nikon for a long time, a D7200 most recently, i wanted to like the Z-5. I purchased it with great expectations, based on all the reviews. My first disappointment was flash photography. My SB-700 had be a workhorse on my D7200. Not so much on the Z-5. Without flash I lost some shots in Alaska due the auto-focus system and and others due to metering system in low light situations. In fairness, I did get some good ones, but in some cases it didn't out perform my iPhone 13 Pro Max.Regretting the $2K investment since I'm going back to my D7200 for important photography

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    Nikon fan since '77

    Posted by Wayne Tibble on May 31, 2022

    Avid enthusiast having owned EM,Fe,F2, F3,and D50,70,90,200,300,500,600,610,700,750,800, and still have D850. Have had D3,D4 and still have FE , D4s, z7,z50. And assortment of old Ai and Ai s lenses along with 8 z mount lenses. The z7 is being sold to finance a z9. Love the compact size of the z5, when paired with z 28-75 or Sigma Art 50 f1.4 or Tokina Opera 16-28 f2.8 it really excel's. It is also is capable video unit ,I have it rigged with Atmos Ninja Flame. Really was reluctant to give in to mirror less. But I still use my 850 alot.