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Your full frame journey begins with the Z 5. Simple yet sophisticated, compact yet powerful, the Z 5 is built to grow with you. It’s everything you’d expect from a full frame mirrorless camera—intense detail, expansive views, brilliant low light capabilities, 4K UHD video and more—plus all the innovative tools you need to push the limits of your creativity.
The 24-50mm Lens Kit is designed to grab and go—capturing amazing stills and video wherever you are. Pairing the sophisticated yet simple 24 megapixel Z 5 with the small, lightweight, NIKKOR Z 24-50mm f/4-6.3 zoom lens, this kit is ideal for street photography, interiors, portraits, and videos—wherever your creativity leads.
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  • 5

    Good camera for a starter

    Posted by Marron Medrano on May 9, 2021

    Worth the price for a newbie and a cheap fullframe camera. And it’s easy to use.

  • 5

    Great camera for the price.

    Posted by matthew ogorzalek on May 9, 2021

    My first full frame Nikon, and I am very happy with it. I considered going to full frame from DX but the cost always seemed to put me off. When the Z5 came out, the price seemed reasonable for my budget and it was mirrorless to boot. I can use some of my FF lenses with it and I got it with the excellent 24-70 f4 lens. It is a very capable camera and I like the two SD card slots instead of the more expensive cards on the Z6 and Z7. I like the ability to judge white balance on the rear screen in real time and the viewfinder is great. Some of the lenses I use on my D7500 are FF and they work fine with the FTZ adapter. I don't do movies and mostly do still life and landscapes so I couldn't justify paying for the features on the more expensive Z6 and Z7. A really great camera for the price!

  • 5

    Z5 image quality as the best.

    Posted by julio penichet fernandez on May 9, 2021

    For me the best purchase in an FX camera for value for money. Good features and easy to use by those of us who come from Nikon DSLRs.

  • 4

    fish. Super entry level mirrorless.

    Posted by LEON JONES on May 9, 2021

    It's a great camera, I do wish I had went ahead and bought the Z6 instead. Just would like a few more fps.

  • 5

    Nikon Z5 Review

    Posted by Stephen Miller on May 9, 2021

    This Z5 is my second Nikon Z camera and is now my primary and go to camera.I primarily do Astrophotography and the Z5 is to me ideal for that use.I especially like that there are 2 memory cards in the camera and that the sensor is smaller that on my Z6 so there is not as much wasted space in the image when photographing the Moon or a Planet.

  • 5

    My first mirrorless.

    Posted by Darryl Keffer on May 9, 2021

    Great camera, everything I’m looking for in a full frame camera. Will definitely look to upgrade to the Z7 in the future.

  • 5

    Excellent for what it is

    Posted by Jack Blalock on May 9, 2021

    This little camera fits the bills just fine for my 9 year old grandson. It is a great entry level full frame camera. He likes to go on photo safari with me and I think it is a great way to capture the world.

  • 5

    Yes - It’s Great!

    Posted by Darrell Robinson on May 9, 2021

    I love it. I purchased it as a backup to my Z 6 and I haven’t skipped a beat. It’s a great workhorse of a camera with amazing quality. You can’t beat the price! Great value, highly recommend!

  • 5

    Great for a old man!!

    Posted by Ron Grell on May 9, 2021

    This was to replace my f1 . is lighter than my 850 and solves my need for a lighter camera and I can use all my lens from my 850. well with the fx lens.I have been a fan of Nikon since I purchased my F2 film camera in the early 70's.this camera is a jewel I love it. RAG