R1 Wireless Close-Up Speedlight System

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A portable wireless close-up lighting system designed for Nikon digital SLRs that have a built-in flash unit with wireless commander control.
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    Can NOT mount filters to the attachment ring in front of the lens.

    Posted by SteveTroletti on July 18, 2014

    The flash system is quite good and works for me under many conditions. Flash filter attachments need a redesign to fit firmly. They are also a hassle to work with in the field. The attachment pins are too small and often require you to remove the flash units to install filters and diffuser.

    Rechargeable batteries are a must for anyone planning to use this system regularly. It pays for itself in just a few weeks.

    My biggest problem with the unit is attaching a Cir-Polarized filter at the front of the attachment ring. Yes you can attach filters behind but the whole assembly will just rotate on a cir-polarized filter. Nikon did not accommodate threads to attach a filter on the end of the attachment ring. Filters, especially polarized filters are an important tool in macro photography. This system needs a DIY approach for cross-polarization setups.

    The product is now fully manufactured in China

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    Amazing Macro/Micro flash system!

    Posted by TopherD on March 30, 2014

    After researching nearly every macro flash system out there on the market, and reading extensive reviews,looking at photographs and checking on craftsmanship quality, I have to say you really do get what you pay for! This system is a bit more money then your standard macro/ring flash setup, but it´s worth it in so so many ways. The versatility of being able to position your flashes anywhere you want (within range of the transmitter),being able to add in a 3rd flash if you so choose, as well as the kit that it comes with has so many cool little add-ons! For the people who tend to complain about the CR123a batteries, yes they can be expensive if bought separate, but i urge you to go online and buy them either on eBay or from a battery re-seller. I was able to purchase 36 of them for $19.99 on eBay and you can buy them in packs of 50 and 100 and they are Duracell. Also you can get generic named ones even cheaper and yes they do have rechargeable ones. You can pick up a charger and 4 CR123´s for $30 roughly as well. So really it´s not that big of a deal, if you plan ahead! And as far as the plastic ring mount complaint goes, i shoot with a Tamron 180mm macro lens. It´s fairly long and heavy and if the ring was metal it would be too heavy! And trust me the flashes secure themselves really well to the mount and they are not coming off unless you wan´t them too. They also slide around into different positions really easily as well. It would take some serious abuse to break this, like dropping your camera, or wacking it on a pole. The diffusers stay on really well,they could be a tad bit more snug, but so far i haven´t found it to be an issue, whatsoever. The kit is well thought out and put together and it´s really impressive what you get here. I strongly urge anyone looking for a top of the line macro flash to purchase this unit or to at least go find a camera shop and check one out. It might cost a bit,but you won´t regret it,especially once you start seeing how sharp your images look. As well as being able to shoot hand held!

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    Versatile Lighting System

    Posted by NikonD on June 5, 2012

    I have owned this setup for 5 years now, I have used the SU800 and the SB200r flashes for everything .
    Macro, studio,remote indoor and outdoor situations. I purchased the entire setup including the SU800, as I use it with my D2X and my SB800. I have found this to be the very handy versatile lighting in many situations.
    I highly recommend this for macro and many other situations.
    I must agree with the above review as to the battery type used with this system, the CR123 batteries are very expensive and hard to find.
    The locking system for the flash to ring is a little stiff and sometimes hard to lock in place without a little finesse and double checking, but for the versatility and power I can live with these minor refinement issues.

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    Great idea that needs some refinement

    Posted by Macro man on May 16, 2012

    I have these flashes since they were first introduced by Nikon some 5 or 6 years ago. They can make awesome light under ideal conditions. However there are some serious design flaws that make them less ideal under normal shooting conditions.

    1. The batteries are expensive and hard to get in remote areas. Even in our capital city it is not a given that you will walk into a camera store and expect them to have stock of these batteries. I prefer AA type so I can share batteries with other flashes and accessories. When batteries fail, (and mine failed a couple of times when I least expected) I can get AA type batteries even in small towns.
    2. The hooks to attach the diffuser panels for extreme macro or to attach the transparent holder for filters are just too small - these attachments regularly fall off, and frustrate the nuts out of me. Also the hooks to attach the flash holder to the lens rings sometimes do not catch properly. I have on two or three occasions tried to fit them in a hurry, not noticing the ring did not clip properly and ended up with the flashes falling off the lens onto the ground. A redesign is needed.
    3. I use the R1 kit ( using the camera flash as controller ). The wireless signal is just too easily obstructed by my hand, or by a diffuser, or at some angles to strong sunlight. Then one or both flashes do not fire. This limits the positions where I can place the flashes. A cabled solution like the Canon MT24 or the Olympus STF22 makes more sense for macro in my opinion. Although SC-30 cables do exist for these flashes, these are clearly indicated only for non-iTTL cameras.
    4. When I use diffuser panels and extension tubes, I sometimes feel the flashes a little underpowered. Recharge times are also a bit long.

    These flashes are highly overrated. I usually get frustrated with them, pack them away and continue the macro shoot with one or two SB-800 flashes. I am now selling these as they do not contribute to my macro photography. They are OK in studio provided you do not block their signals with diffusers. Outdoors I envy the competition´s products.

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    very good setup

    Posted by jt on September 14, 2010

    this setup is awesome it has everything you need for lighting it has a flash and a wireless commander control