SC-29 TTL Coiled Remote Cord

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Approx. 9-ft. coiled cord with built-in AF-Assist Illuminator for placement of the SB-910, SB-900, or SB-700 off camera. The SC-28/SC-29 makes off-camera TTL flash control easy and assured. With the Nikon D-SLRs, the SC-29 also works as an external AF-assist illuminator.
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    accurate and precise

    Posted by BR on November 29, 2015

    works as it should with my 7100. light weight. I would give it a 5 were it not for the lack of a cold shoe on the off camera section and the extra-extra long cord.

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    Could be wonderful with a small modification

    Posted by Jaye on September 7, 2015

    Right now, this is basically your only option if you want to shoot bracketed with your Nikon Camera and Flash, and maintain full functionality. The problem is, that 9´ cord is heavy and bulky when working with a bracketed flash. If Nikon would modify the design of this unit to make it modular, and allow the swapping out of cords (shorter/lighter for bracketed shooting, and longer for other shooting scenarios), it would be a nearly perfect product.

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    Haven´t used it, yet. But there is no Male Hot shoe connection for the remote end to connect to my stroboframe.

    Posted by Kenneth on September 16, 2013

    There is no Male Hot shoe connection for the remote end to connect to my stroboframe. I had to take the hot shoe adapter off of the stroboframe. This fact should be in the details and photos. Also not have a PC socket is a bummer. Its not the first time Nikon has forgotten important parts for a camera.

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    Eliminates guesswork

    Posted by kozmo18 on August 8, 2010

    I recently jumped from the world of film to digital when I went from a faithful F5 to the D700. The F5 and an old Ftn still sit on a shelf in my library ready to go whenever I need them and over the years, a few other Nikon F series went as trade-ins for several newer versions.

    As reluctant as I was to go digital, the D700, SB900 and the SC-29 cord all helped to make the transition fairly seamless and opened new chapters of creativity for me. My bag full of Nikon glass all made the transition and a new 400mm zoom also joined the team. The seasonal magazine that I publish has taken on a new look which seems to have pleased the readers. It also helps to have a good local Nikon dealer who has guided me through each step of the way.