AF Zoom-NIKKOR 80-200mm f/2.8D ED

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High-performance, high-speed telephoto zoom is a superb choice for sports and portraits, even in challenging lighting conditions.
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    Doux bokeh et super piqué

    Posted by mads92 on November 17, 2019

    Acquis cette année, il m´apporte le ´´petit´´ plus que je n´avais pas avec mon 35 mm. Très bon piqué pour son âge et un doux bokeh. La mise au point est bien perceptible mais le bruit me rassure et ne me gêne absolument pas. Grâce à son ouverture de f/2.8 il permet facilement d´obtenir de superbes compos de nuit (faible éclairage bien entendu). D´une polyvalence absolue couplé avec un filtre ND 1000 pour les poses longues.

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    A true sleeper

    Posted by Jetkins on June 2, 2016

    I had been lusting after a 70-200 f/2.8 AF-S VR for a while, and stumbled upon a nice used example of this lens at my local camera store. The price was right, so I snapped it up and have never looked back - the AF-S VR is no longer on my wish list.

    This lens is built like a tank, focuses almost as fast as the AF-S VR, and has a straight-blade iris that gives wonderful sunstars. Color rendition and sharpness are just fantastic too.

    At around half the price of the AF-S VR, this really is a no-brainer for anyone shooting action where VR is of questionable benefit anyway.

    Buy one, try it, and if you really don´t like it you can sell it for almost what you paid for it - this lens is so good that (a) Nikon is still making it almost twenty years after it first appeared, and (b) used copies sell for almost as much as new.

    Odds are, you´ll love this lens and still have several hundred bucks left to spend on something else!

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    Superb optical quality

    Posted by Bernie on May 6, 2016

    Paired this with my D7000 and after a little bit of af fine tuning it shoots great. Absolutely love this lens. Produces better color rendition than the 70-200 f2.8 VR2. Fast af even with a screw drive. I shot a basketball tournament yesterday and the af had no problem keeping up with subjects running straight at me! Highly recommend this lens for everyone just make sure to pick up a monopod.

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    My Best Nikon Lens

    Posted by Francis on March 3, 2016

    If you are not a pro, or even if you are a pro but don´t really need the VR, this is the best lens for you at this range.

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    A must have for any level of photographer

    Posted by TripGhetaway on May 4, 2015

    When you see those photos off Getty images, professional basketball, football games, and concerts this lens makes that level of imaging. Doesn´t matter rather you use it on a DX or FX camera, it produces sharp photo regardless. It´s a waste of money I feel to even invest in the 50mm and up lenses, VS just getting this one. You get this lens, all you need is a nice wide angle to cover everything else and you´re set.

    It´s very heavy as it´s metal, but at the same time, built to last. You get used to its heaviness after awhile actually. Plus the photos look so nice, with such excellent color rendition that you can take them straight off the camera without needing photo shop, for those that always want to tweak photos. In a lot of photography I´ve done, the black color seems to fall off at a point and I see a lot of distortion as a result. This lens has what seems zero color fall off, and all you need is minimal light to take great photos.

    It gathers the light so well, it´s mind blowing. This is one of those lenses once you use it once, you´ll want to take photos of everything with it. If you have portfolios built, you´ll want to rebuild your whole image off this lens, it´s that serious. It might be pricy, but good imaging does not come cheap, and if you do photography full time, this lens will be a reason you get repeat business. People just get hooked on the look once they see what they look like.

    Great for sports, portraits, or anything you want to take a photo of honestly, as it just keeps pumping out crystal clear images like nothing. When I look at a well lit photo off this lens, its literally like I´m looking through a window, no joke...

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    Très bonne achat , très bonne Qualité

    Posted by Mangosta on March 20, 2015

    Je possède cet objectif depuis 2001 et après 14 ans il n´a jamais eu de défaillance super qualité d´image construction robuste,durable image encore impécable.

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    Great bokeh, fantastic lens

    Posted by munchmeister on November 17, 2014

    This lens is a go to lens in my bag, as a great landscape tool as well as street photography and even portraits and head shots. Very fast focus, one of my favorite Nikon products.

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    Nikon Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8D ED AF

    Posted by NikonNiko on August 19, 2014

    This will probably be one of the most desired zoom lenses Nikon ever.
           Still continue to have a good demand and its share price, despite the innumerable quantity sold in each of its versions, is a reflection of the robustness and quality with which they were built.
           Produced from 1987 to 2008, was sold in four models:

    *1 (1987-1992) 80-200mm Nikkor f / 2.8 ED AF - model push / pull with 3 ED elements.

    *2 (1992-1997) 80-200mm Nikkor f / 2.8 ED AF-D - going to be an objective of the series D (now has the distance information to the object focused for better light metering, now possible in 3D Matrix). Is also a push / pull with 3 ED elements in your building model.

    *3 (1997-2006) 80-200mm Nikkor f / 2.8 ED AF-D - also D series, this third model (review here) has won a string of tripod and went on to have two rings - one for adjusting focus and the other for focal length. As with previous models has three ED elements.

    *4 (2007-2008) 80-200mm Nikkor f / 2.8 ED-IF AF-S - D series, this latest model now has a system of internal focus IF. Its optical construction features 5 ED elements.
    They all have in common the excellent optics and build quality.

           The optical quality of this lens is excellent! Produces images with vivid colors, good contrast and very sharp. Certainly the three ED elements present in its construction contribute to such good results.
           The blur is excellent, very smooth! Produces beautiful results in all situations is not necessary to use it only in larger apertures.

           The level of construction, just pick up one of these lenses to feel its weight and robustness denouncing their quality. Very well built, made primarily of metal.
           But it is important to pay attention to some details: this is not a sealed and resistant to dust and moisture objective! It takes some care to use it wherever you go. This objective suffers easily with condensation. Careful when exiting a hot environment and go to a cold environment with this objective!
           It is also good to be careful with the focus ring, it seems that plastic is used internally to keep you stuck. This plastic can break the misuse. I´ve worn a used model that was being sold and the focus ring suffered this damage.

           Only handle this objective is already a pleasure! While ´´big´´ and heavy is a comfortable lens to use. The two rings are well placed - the zoom ring is not ´´glued´´ to the camera body - which allows you to switch between them expeditiously.
           DX used in this objective becomes a 120-300mm f / 2.8! A good range of distances and certainly more than enough for a multitude of situations.

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    The best mid range zoom lens from Nikon

    Posted by OLA71 on December 31, 2013

    I´ve been with Nikon gear since 1993 and my “mayor” fist buy was the older version of this lens (the push-pull barrel with no tripod mount). I start with this comment because this version corrects almost all the disadvantages of its predecessor. The “slow” barrel motion to get the correct focal distance and the BIG issue that you need to buy a “cradle” to hold the lens to a camera in order to put both together mounted in a tripod.

    In terms of price you´ll find it in about $1,200 and it worth every dollar invested. The “new” version moves smooth and fast depending on which camera you put on. The new versions like the D600 are quite faster than the older ones but the fact that still uses the motor in the body makes it a little slower vs. the 70-200mm version.

    The optics are exceptional and with poor light conditions or indoors you can get razor blade sharp photos at f/2.8. This lens is also great for portrait because you can move form 85mm to 135mm with a little twist of hand. Allowing you to be more still or to keep a good distance vs. your subject. The other advantage is its shallow depth of field that allows you to have really blurred backgrounds.

    Since I can remember all the Nikon (ED rated) are simple the best in class. The colors are true and the definition and sharpness always at the top. They worth the extra bucks!

    Another advantage is the filter size (77mm) if you are considering to move to top of the line gear you can invest in Nikon Filters such as the New soft focus or the circular polarizer and use between them. There are now plenty of other top lens with such filter size. This is important when you buy a Polarizer of $125 USD.

    I tested the 80-200mm VR and the outcomes in terms of quality are almost the same, the difference is if you take photos without tripod at focal lengths higher than 105mm. As a thumb rule you need a speed that doubles the focal length in order to avoid camera movement. In this case to obtain a 1/250 sec. in low light or indoors is not that easy. Nevertheless now we can “compensate” using a higher ISO number. In the old days the use of an ISO 400 film was considered fast. Now with the newer Nikon DSLR you can set the ISO at 800 or 1600 and still get outstanding results.

    Some consider this lens “old fashion” because don´t come with the VR features but this depends on you. I still like to “think” when you are taking portraits and compensate the camera movement and lighting conditions, making photography both, challenging and rewarding.