AF-S Zoom-Nikkor 17-35mm f/2.8D IF-ED

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High-performance, ultra-wide-angle zoom lens, perfect for candid photography and news photojournalism in challenging lighting conditions.
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    General professional walk-around lens

    Posted by kursatkarabulut on May 24, 2013

    I bought this lens a year ago and it´s pretty useful in landscapes, street photography and indoor shoots. Unlike 16-35 vignetting and distortion does not bother much, and can be easily corrected in Photoshop. I use a D800 and I´ve seen some comments that this lens is not sharp which I don´t agree. If you want a general professional walk-around lens this one is yours.

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    An ideal wide angle zoom.

    Posted by JMAN on January 20, 2013

    I have been using this lens for a couple months now, and it has served me well. The Images are crisp and I have not seem much vignetting. Although the corners might be slightly soft it hasn´t really been an issue for me. I love using the lens with filters, especially my 9 stop grad for artistic landscapes. There are a few things worth mentioning here though. For one there is a bit of chromatic aberrations even at higher f stops(although correctable in lightroom). My other gripe is the auto focus. There is a bit of a high pitched sound unlike other AF-S lenses, which are dead silent. My overall opinion is it is a great lens that will see a lot of use on my camera.

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    An oldie but (very) goodie!

    Posted by Longstanding Nikon enthusiast on August 14, 2012

    One of Nikon´s stellar lenses (like the 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8): sharp and f/2.8 thru its focal-length range, with very solid build. Excellent near-extreme wide-angle lens for FX bodies (film or digital) and even a fine wide-to-normal zoom in DX format. Despite its age, this design´s image quality remains competitive with that of the newest products (eg, 16-35mm f/4 VR).

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    focus is so so, sqweeks

    Posted by dillusiv on October 27, 2011

    Squeaks during focus, and focus is not sharp tack-on like other top-end lenses, such as 70-200.

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    Product Review

    Posted by millimus on October 5, 2011

    I´ve had this lens for several years now I purchased it from another photographer who probably wishes he had never sold it.
    It´s built like a tank, I had it serviced by Nikon and it has served me well. Originally built for film cameras today still every bit as viable. Good glass is good glass. Love this lens!

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    Posted by DALE W on September 22, 2011

    I live in Los Angeles and I did a cross-country road trip where I went to over 20 National parks to shoot thousands of photos. My favorite lens was the 28-300mm lens on my Nikon D3X camera.
    At the time I purchased the D3X, I also bought this 17-35mm f/2.8D lens for getting a wider angle of view of some of the landscapes in places like Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon among other places.
    The lens worked very well, EXCEPT when I went wide in the 17mm-20mm range I noticed that there was serious VIGNETTING on all four corners and this greatly disappointed me. I used this lens without any filters or lens shades as I was shooting sunset photos in Zion National Park and at Cedar Breaks. I wanted to capture the vastness of the scenery. When I saw the vignetting, I was greatly disappointed, because I spent a lot of money on this lens and I really wanted the extra angle of the 17mm. This problem was consistent with all of the 17-20mm photos.

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    A must have lens for serious photographers

    Posted by d.edwards photography on July 19, 2011

    This lens is a must for wide angle views encountered with interior photos, portrait, and general landscape photography especially if lighting is difficult.

    Weight should not be a disadvantage with respect to this lens as it is extremely well balanced on most bodies.

    The clarity and detail from this lens is stunning

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    Practically perfect!

    Posted by Dave in Seattle on June 24, 2011

    A really fine lens for DX photography. Fast enough at all stops to generally not require flash.

    Really good resolution for detailed photography in industrial environments.

    As mentioned above, a little on the heavy side, but that is the price you pay for quality professional equipment.

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    Great lens for its size

    Posted by NikonEd on June 20, 2011

    I like having many focal lengths available in one lens instead of carrying multiple lenses. Also, I can use it on both a film and a digital camera body (it has the aperture ring), so it´s flexible.

    Its construction is very sturdy as can be felt by its heft. It´s not light and flimsy like the regular consumer lenses, so I know that it can handle the rigors of heavy use.

    And, since it is a fast lens at f/2.8 I can shoot in low light conditions. The focusing is very fast on a DSLR body, which is great!

    I´ve been wanting to get this lens for a long time and finally was able to get it. I am one happy camper with this lens!