AF-S NIKKOR 200-400mm f/4G ED VR II

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This powerful super telephoto zoom lens offers incredible image quality. Enhanced Nikon VR II image stabilization, a constant aperture and Nano Crystal Coat make this lens an ideal choice for sports photography, wildlife and more.
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    Excellent, the go to tool for safari

    Posted by skiantarctica on March 20, 2019

    I bought this lens to take on safari in South Africa. I was concerned that it may be 1) too heavy, 2 make blurred images when shooting action in low light at max magnification. Wow, this lens is no cause for concern when shooting on the fly in low light. The images were made with a D-500 body often mated with a TC 14E II. The images are amazing; great bokeh, sharp and bright. Later when going on a fall trip to Alaska a one lens and one camera body restriction was imposed for hiking the back country. The 200-400 mated with the D-500 was the tool of choice. It was the right decision.

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    Flexibility King

    Posted by JamesPics on April 30, 2017

    I bought this lens after considering it for a number of years. I also have the 300 f2.8 vr2 and the 80-400 G. I know it is a lot of overlap but each lens plays a specific part. The 200-400 f4 vrii comes into its own as a very flexible lens with great sharpness and fast focus. It works well on any of the Nikon Camera´s. The strength of this lens is that it is very good at close range, up to 50-60 yards. Great lens for big animals and birds at close range. I have used it for sport and perform very well. For me this lens on one camera and the 70-200 f2.8 works as a great combination. It works reasonably well with the Nikon 1.4 TC iii but really at its best as a naked lens. Many Wildlife and sport photographers use this lens and has been a game changer for Nikon.

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    Superior Optics and Manageable Size

    Posted by Scripps23 on May 10, 2015

    For a wildlife lens, the Nikon 200-400mm f/4 zoom lens offers the best combination of resolution, contrast, flexible focal length, and manageable size on the market. Below is a photo of a male African Lion taken with a Nikon D3 camera body at a shutter speed of 1/200 of a second, an aperture of f/7.1, a focal length of 380mm, an ISO of 200, Matrix Metering, Auto White Balance, and fill flash from a Nikon SB-800.

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    As Good as it Gets

    Posted by RonC on October 22, 2014

    I´ve been shooting with this lens for the last two years and prior to that the first version for four and a half years. It is as fine a lens as can be had for birds in flight, hand carried, as well as anything else. It´s versatility is second to none. Some may complain about it sharpness but I haven´t experienced that except when out at longer distances like 200 to 300 yards. Then again even the large primes have their limits and are not as versatile. I used to smile when getting on line and asking what the finest lens was for birds in flight and would always read the Canon 100-400. My shooting friends that shoot with it, now know it´s not in the same class. It wasn´t until two years ago that Canon finally came out with their 200-400. The lens and camera weigh 10.5 lbs. I´m not exceptionally strong being 68 years old but do hand carry it with no sling, allowing me to shoot at any angle. Getting close is the key to taking great photos and lots of practice. Don´t be one that just sits and admires the lens, go out and shoot and shoot and shoot. By the way I´ve come to depend on three shot bursts multiple times if needed. I wish all of you happy shooting.

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    Excellent Pro-Series lens

    Posted by Dennie on April 25, 2014

    Just received this lens on 4/23/2014.
    This lens has fast focus speed, VRII works excellent. For a wildlife photographer the 70-200 F2.8 and the 200-400 F4 will cover 90% of your needs. We sold the 500mm F4 and replaced it with this lens for the added capabilities of the zoom range. Just got back from photographing Mt Goats and this lens works excellent hand held with VR. Have not tried the 1.4 tele-converter but hope it works as good as it did with the 500mm.

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    Great lens

    Posted by Raid on February 23, 2014

    It´s a great lens with smooth and fast focus and the VRII working perfect
    the most best thing in this lens you can go between the normal zoom 200mm to the super tele zoom 400mm I use it to photograph birds with the TC-14E II the focus will be little bet slower with the teleconverter
    the only problem is the wight of lens you will need a tripod to help you with it.

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    Piqué superbe. definition super, bonne vitesse de mise au point.

    Posted by zipgate on August 12, 2013

    Il est un peu lourd et avec le pare-soleil il est tres encombrant (longueur)
    Ne peut s´utiliser à main levé comparativement au 300 mmf/2,8
    Malgré tout c´est une exellente lentille pour le sport et la nature surtout les oiseaux

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    Great lens

    Posted by Ducky on December 4, 2012

    I owned the VRI edition for seven years which I sold for the VRII edition.
    It´s my main wildlife lens and I love it.
    It´s sharp, versatile and fast.
    In the very beginning I had some issues regarding sharpness on long distances but that happened to be human error.
    Nowadays I use it on a D800E with the TC2.0III at F/8 and it is absolutely stunning.

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    What a lens!!

    Posted by Springfield Jim on December 4, 2012

    I have owned this lens for a few months now. I still am amazed at how clear and crisp the pictures are. I have had the wonderful opportunity of photographing NFL teams, many local high school teams, and the United States Olympic Wrestling Trials in Iowa. The clarity of the pictures made me look so good.
    Weight is only a problem if you don´t use a monopod or tripod. I look forward to the photographic opportunities when I can use this amazing lens.
    I have now attached a 2x teleconverter and have taken simply amazing pictures of the moon. Very graphic and detailed. I can´t wait for the next adventure when I get to use this lens.