AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D

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Nikon‘s most compact Micro lens for extreme close-up and general photography with continuous focusing from infinity to life-size (1:1).
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    Super sharp corner to corner

    Posted by Iceman on November 13, 2019

    I´ve owned this lens for almost 20 years. It has produced excellent product shots, portraits, landscapes and, of course, close up and macro shots. I also own the excellent 105 f2.8 G VR lens, and in many regards, feel this older D lens still retains the quality I´ve come to expect from Nikon. As an aside, I learned photography using a Nikon F with the old 55 f 3.5 Micro Nikkor in the late 70´s. This lens is a true modern workhorse, and maintains the legacy of that old trend setting lens.

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    My most versatile lens

    Posted by primelensfan on January 5, 2016

    After much research, I decided to get the 60mm f/2.8D for macro work. Little did I know it would end up being my most used lens overall, because of its superior sharpness and contrast. It worked beautifully on my D610, and then spectacularly on my D810. The crispness of detail in macro work is unparalleled if used with good light and a tripod. Since it has an aperture ring, it can be used with macro rings and bellows if you want to go super close up. Its short length can be tough if you are trying to shoot shy creatures, but excellent for flowers and other ´´still´´ life. It doesn´t work well with filters because of the recessed element. It is a wonderful portrait lens in tight spaces where an 85mm-up can´t be used, or for newborns. The crispness will capture every flaw, so keep the aperture wide. Bokeh is nice, but not as pretty as the 85f/1.8G or the 135mm f/2D-DC. It also is an excellent lens for landscape shots as you can set your depth of field to f/22-f/32 although the sharpness begins to fall off after f/16. The recessed front element is great as a lens hood isn´t really necessary. This lens has virtually zero CA and little distortion that can be easily corrected in editing. It has a classic ´´zeep-zeep´´ loud autofocus sound (that I personally like) and is just a little slow. With macro shots, you will have to switch to manual focus, but the focus ring is smooth and tight. An amazing lens that should not disappoint.

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    Excellent little macro!

    Posted by Anonymous on September 14, 2015

    I picked up a used 60mm D on eBay last year, and though I also own the 105 VR and intend to get the 200mm micro, I am loving this 60D lens on my Df. I thought about the G version, and I have both G and D lenses in my kit. I went for a used D because I am just having a Renaissance moment with Nikon´s D lenses. I find them small and tasteful. Plus, great pictures! I originally got this for those times when I go to aquariums. With a rubber hood, this lens is perfect for photographing fish through glass.

    Also, it´s a nice light lens. I can hold the Df with 60mm with one hand if I need to. Easy to stablilize.

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    Close, closer, closest

    Posted by Librarian7 on October 9, 2014

    Macro is a fascinating aspect of photography and I acquired a manual focus Micro-Nikkor several years ago and created a number of wonderful pictures with it. However, I was always frustrated by the annoyance of setting up the older lens. I was lucky to find a pre-owned 60mm lens and the auto-focus makes such a difference. Not only do I have a sharp everyday f2.8 60mm for my D610 I can also use it on my DX body as a 90mm portrait lens. I am sure the latest ´G´ version is a masterpiece too, but for the occasional close-up work I shoot this lens is great.

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    Worth every penny

    Posted by Macro worker on January 1, 2014

    I´ve had this lens for a while now and feel confident enough to share a small review. Starting off I must say how sharp this lens is. I use a D50 and a D200 with this lens and they work very well with this lens. This lens is of a quality that feels good in the hand and on the camera, well made in Japan. The limit feature is quite useful if your subject is from one foot to infinity, focusing becomes very quick in deed, the same is true on the macro side going from1:3 TO 1:1 ratios. The lens uses a ring on the barrel fitted with a lock button to let you switch from manual or automatic focus, the focusing ring is very smooth and response well to the touch. To get a f/2.8 Nikon had to increase the front element to a 62mm accessory, this not a problem, I have the Micro 85mm f/3.5 with a 52mm front element loosing ? of a stop is not worth a smaller 52mm accessory. In conclusion all I can say is that the lens is worth every penny I paid for it.

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    Minimal distortion.

    Posted by Orel on March 20, 2013

    I use this lens to retake signs and labels on the equipment. I live and work in Russia. Focusing is sometimes mistaken for work at low temperatures (When the air temperature inside the lens is different from the outside temperature?). Additionally reluctantly note: there is no instruction in Russian. Please publish the manual in Russian.

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    Sharp as can be all over at smaller apertures

    Posted by vincent on January 22, 2012

    Great lens a little soft at the corners wide open but stopped down it is as sharp as I would ever wish for

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    Fantastic lens. Extremely sharp

    Posted by vraev on January 12, 2012

    This is my first lens that I bought after i got my D90 kit. Truly worth every penny. The lens is amazingly sharp. The DOF at f2.8 is so shallow that sometimes its hard to get everything in view. The bokeh is also nice and adds a beautiful effect to the photograph. Overall, totally worth to get this lens. Also works as a fantastic potrait lens. Only problem is it is extremely sensitive to ´´vibrations´´. Tripod use is highly recommended with this lens. OR get the slightly more expensive newer VR version.

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    Posted by VXD28 on December 23, 2011

    This lense is awesome, I am a novice photographer, just like to take picktures of bugs and flowers. I got this lense for this purpose and it was AMAZING. The sharpness was uncanny and the color was so vibrant, makes me look at every day objects and in a totally different way.