AF DC-NIKKOR 135mm f/2D

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This high-performance, medium telephoto features Defocus Image Control allowing for control of the degree of focus in the foreground or background.
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    Use and Price

    Posted by PictureMan on April 13, 2011

    I just love this lens. Its easy to use and not that pricy.

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    135mm DC f/2D = Excellent

    Posted by Viper on April 13, 2011

    I bought this lens after reading many reviews and looking at photos taken. Just simply amazing bokeh!

    I have both the 135mm and 85mm and often refer to them as my bokeh machines.

    Performance is fast, but not as fast as AF-S. Nonetheless, if used the right way with the DC, you´ll be pleased with the creative results.

    Definitely worth the money spent.

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    Just brilliant.

    Posted by Madetech on April 13, 2011

    I use it for everything. Super sharp, amazing bokeh, built like a tank and a 135 mm on dx is 200mm so its kinda like having a 200mm f2 for a quarter of the price. The DC effect is subtle but present. The backgrounds are just a melt of colors. I am not a fan of soft focus but it is a plus to be able to do it. I like the built in hood. The interior of the hood is lined with velour to minimize reflects.

    I am a bit disappointed with the lack of a case for this one. Especially when the included a rigid case with it just a year or two ago... I wont take a star of for that but its worth mentioning.

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    Tack sharp with artistic flexability

    Posted by Sinclair on March 20, 2011

    The Sharpest 135mm I´ve ever used. Rendition of bokeh (out of focus areas) is smooth. Portraiture is excellent providing excellent subject isolation. It also produces stunning results in nature photography as a medium telephoto.

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    One Of The Best

    Posted by Dee on January 2, 2011

    This is one of my favorite lens. Nice bokeh and very sharp even at f2. The DC function is something you need to get practice with but even without the DC this lens is remarkable

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    Amazing lens!!

    Posted by Norman on December 11, 2010

    After deciding between the 85 and 135, I decided to go with the 135 only to find out I have to wait over a month to get my order in from the store but definitely worth the wait. I had been using the lens for outdoor head shots and it has been performing amazing, focus is fast and spot on. No issues shooting wide open which makes the skin tone so pleasing and smooth therefore, I don´t have to do a lot of skin touch ups. I´m currently using the lens with a D700 and can´t imagine how this one performs with the D3 series camera. Get it if you can find one.

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    Best Portrait lens

    Posted by FDI on September 21, 2010

    This lens is world class. The detail and bokeh you can capture with this lens makes it worth the price. If you shoot portraits this lens is a must have.

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    Posted by nikon user on September 18, 2010

    This is an incredible lens! The images are outstanding. I use it wide-open all the time and love the results. The trick though is to watch your depth of field. If you´re close to its minimum focus your depth of field is VERY narrow. EG you can have someone´s nose in focus but not their eye - or the other way around. If you shoot on a modern Nikon like the D3 you can pick which focus sensor you want to use and keep the camera in continuous focus mode - this way you can track your subject fairly well. The only other factor with this is this lens doesn´t have its own AF motor so it doesn´t focus as fast as an AF-S lens. Again - when you´re using the lens at its minimum focus limit (or close to it) with an f2 f-stop the depth of field is so narrow that you have to very aware of what is and isn´t in focus. The sharpness and boken is absolutely amazing. I never had figured out how to use the DC control / I probably should. You won´t be disappointed with this lens. The only way Nikon could improve it is to make an AF-S version.

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    Outstanding portrait lens!

    Posted by F8lee on July 29, 2010

    . I too had been curious about this somewhat specialized lens, but after playing with one at a store I could tell that it is just too good not to have if you do any kind of portraiture.
    . The incredible bokeh is really apparent on the FX (or film) bodies; on the DX camera the shallowness of the DOF is not as apparent (due to the smaller chip size and subsequent ´crop factor´). I have even tried some macro shooting with this glass, using a 25MM extension tube to allow for closer focus, and it proved to be a winner there as well.
    . Pricey? A bit. A little exotic - particularly that unique DC capability? Most certainly. But if you are a believer in having the best glass possible (since bodies will come and go) then this is truly a lens to consider.