UC-E6 USB Cable

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Allows direct connection from camera to a computer or printer. Supplied with select Nikon cameras.
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    Posted by Anonymous on April 7, 2021

    As ordered and described.

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    Don`t lose it ...

    Posted by LesDrive on April 1, 2016

    I`m not so sure why Nikon has chosen to use a non standard camera connection...
    While most other brand names are using micro or mini USB camera connections, this cable is proprietary to only a handful of Nikon models. And if your camera if a couple of years old (as in a discontinued model) you are out of luck finding this type of cable. Of course, there is always a work around... you can get a generic battery charger - but you`ll have to remove the battery from the camera in order to charge it. You can also buy a card reader - but again, you`ll have to take out the memory card everytime you want to upload pictures. Very inconvenient... if the cable gets lost / misplaced or broken. The least Nikon could do is have this cable in stock. But they don`t. Yes, you can get them on Amazon or EBay anywhere from $2 to $7... but chances are you get what you pay for: it doesn`t charge or it doesn`t transfer data as the original Nikon cable.
    As a word of advice: do not buy any digital camera that doesn`t use standard USB connection.

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    Still works.

    Posted by Rogue on November 19, 2015

    Use the one that came with my p310 (3/10/13). What more can I say.

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    The USB STANDARD is called a STANDARD for a good reason.

    Posted by MartinK on September 24, 2013

    The connector is smaller than a micro USB connector but not by much. The only reason Nikon have done this is to make money pure and simple. I will never buy another camera (Nikon or otherwise) with a non-standard USB lead again and wouldn´t have bought this one if I´d known beforehand. Also very annoyed that my camera will only charge from a PC and not any mains or car USB chargers.

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    Do not lose this charger!

    Posted by Geo on May 26, 2013

    It is a fairly standard, rather low end cable. It is packaged bundled up with wire, and retains the kinks from this manner of storage for months. I had no real problems with it until I lost it. It certainly has a unique, tiny tip, and no other cable will be able to take its place. All around decent cable, but do not lose it! You will be forced to order a new one!

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    Absurd to use non-standard USB - when mini usb should provide same foot print

    Posted by S8200 on September 28, 2012

    Lose it and you will spend a while getting a replacement cable.

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    kodak that i had took better pics !

    Posted by lowdown on September 21, 2012

    s4300 only less than two months old and usb cabe -uc-e6 connecter is so small that pins broke and now i cant charge camera without buying a new cable ,,,,,,what a piece of junk !

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    Don´t lose this cable

    Posted by JEB on April 9, 2012

    This cable is fine. I find the fact that it has ´fold kinks´ convenient as it is easy to fold it quickly and get it neatly into a compact camera case, or put it away.
    However the camera USB connection is unique #tiny#, and not the same as the many other USB cables you have hanging around from other camera and computor devices. Therefore if you loose it you are hooped. And it is not a normally stocked item at my local camera or computor stores. You have to special order it and wait.

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    Basically, seems good, but cable kinks -- forever?

    Posted by Nicabod on November 17, 2011

    The camera connector is microminiature, because the cameras it´s to be used with probably all have really-limited space for the connector. With reasonable care, and common sense, the connector seems rugged enough. It goes in only one way; flip it half a turn if it doesn´t go in easily.

    It doesn´t fall out, either; my S3100 is so light that I can (carefully) suspend the camera upside-down from the cable; in this case, that´s not abuse.

    The cable itself, apart from the connectors, is decent, but not up to Nikon´s reputation. It comes bundled and tied with a wire tie, and the vinyl takes a ´´set´´ while it´s in storage. When you undo it, the vinyl doesn´t relax, and the cable´s kinks really don´t want to disappear. I think they are ugly.

    There is cable that doesn´t take a ´´set´´; I think Apple uses such cable. It is available.
    Considering that this cable is likely to be used (and handled) often, it´s disappointing to see that Nikon used what they did.