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Harness the most advanced optical system in any MONARCH ATB yet. With 8x magnification, truly all-terrain durability and handling, and the latest innovations in multilayer coatings, MONARCH 7 delivers the sharpest, brightest view of your passions ever.
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    Solid Binos

    Posted by Deerhunter 10 on December 3, 2019

    Have owned Nikon rangefinders but first set of Nikon binoculars I've owned, got a set for myself and my daughter, solid glass and light gathering ability, was very pleased with my purchase. As most hunters I keep my binos against my body on a harness, and of course creating heat, and did notice a little more fogging on outside of glass when temps dropped, but once the temps were equal, they were impressive, was able to pick out quite a bit of detail.

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    Great binoculars!

    Posted by SYoung on February 13, 2019

    I am an avid birder and use my Monarch 7 8 X 42 binoculars everyday . Could not be happier with them. Also, the lifetime guarantee is wonderful .... Except not except fast service. I took my bins into the shop I bought them from for repair. They promptly sent them into Nikon. I was them informed by the camera shop, that Nikon would replace them with a new pair ( wonderful ! ) However, that was six weeks ago. I have been told that they are not " in stock" , how can that be. Really hope they send by new bins soon.

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    Excellent Value

    Posted by Q on August 14, 2018

    I have owned Nikon Monarch 7 8x42 binoculars and used them almost daily for the last 4 years and 3 months. Prior to that time I had never owned binoculars or used them very much. I got lucky with my first pair as these binoculars are exceptionally good, and have totally changed the way I interact with the visual world.
    These binoculars have been used for hunting, birding, boating, general wildlife observation, sporting events, travel... Seriously, I don't go very many places without them.
    They are comfortable to carry (I don't use a strap or anything, I just carry them in my hand). The view is bright (I have tested in very low light and are actually brighter than my naked eye). They are clear (I can read the names of boats that I can see from my kitchen over 1000 yards away).
    I chose the Nikon Monarch 7 8x42s for the wide field of view (which at the time was the best in their class). Since then, I have compared them side by side to several other <$1000 binoculars and they are better than the options by Leupold, Zeiss, Vortex, Bushnell, and Nikon (Monarch 5s).
    I have purchased and returned SLCs, ELs, and Conquests because none of them were better enough than my Monarch 7s to justify the expense of the upgrade.
    Seriously, if you are on a budget, buy these. If you have never had binoculars before and want to check it out, buy these. If you need a spare pair of binoculars, buy these. If you aren't on a budget, have already owned binoculars, and don't need a spare pair, buy these.
    Mine are starting to show serious signs of wear. The housing is busted near one of the objective lenses, the rubber armoring has been worn down to nothing and is peeling back at the bridge, and one of the eyepieces has been busted for a year. I've been meaning to send them in and see what Nikon can do about repairing them. I will update this once completed.

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    Great optics

    Posted by A Birder on February 17, 2018

    Great optics within the Nikon family and cost range. I have had the Monarch ATB (now 3) for over a decade. It still does the job. As I got older I was looking for something brighter and wider. This does the job. There is a noticeable improvement in field of view. Brightness better but not blindingly noticeable. I did try the Monarch 5 but found no benefit. Therefore, if you want and upgrade from a good basic binocular go with the 7. But if you don't wear glasses or are under 50 then 3 or 5 are also good.

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    Compares well to much more expensive ones

    Posted by MacroNut on January 28, 2018

    I own the Monarch 7 8X42 as well as Swarovski 8.5X42, which cost something like 5vie times as much. In most situations, it is difficult to tell the difference. If you look very hard you will note that the Monarch has a little bit more rectilinear distortion, stays sharp only about 80% of the way to the edge vs. 100%, and has somewhat less contrast when looking near a strong light. None of these differences are big, with the contrast being the most noticeable and then only when looking near the light source.
    While I was evaluating "super binoculars," I also found that the Leica have much more rectilinear distortion. The Monarch 7 stands up very well indeed against both those super-expensive binoculars. And the field of view of the Monarch 7, eight degrees, is a real winner, beating both the Leica and the Swarovski (by only 0.4 degrees in the latter case). In short, you will not regret getting a Monarch 7.

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    Crystal Clear

    Posted by Sophia on April 10, 2017

    With theese babies I can see into anyone's soul! I love how clear everything is. I will be gifting these to my favorite animal spotter. I think these are great for vacation. Or creeping on a bf! Joking! Great product overall. Just in case Nikons SRO warranty is great.

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    High Quality, Great optics

    Posted by Birding beginner on October 1, 2015

    Wonderful pair of 8 x 42s. The low light viewing is really good and these are so much better than the majority of binoculars out there. I am using them for bird watching, a new hobby for me, and also spotting otters and whales out along the central California coast. They also are great for watching planes overhead. I am really enjoying these binoculars and everyone that tries them is impressed. I can see why this pair has such high ratings from birding organizations. I am very pleased with these binoculars and looking forward to using them for years to come.

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    Amazing binoculars for birding and wildlife spotting

    Posted by BROC on May 9, 2015

    I am a professional EcoTour Guide, so having a good pair of binoculars is important. Of course, I have to be able to afford them. I did a lot of research, and tried a lot of binoculars before choosing the Monarch 7 8X42. I have not been disappointed. The bang for the buck is insanely good. Everyone who tries them says how easy they are to use. Focus and Diopter adjustment are simple. The eyecups twist in and out easily. The image is sharp and very bright. The wide Field of View makes it much easier to find a bird in a tree without having to scan back and forth. I love the flip down lens covers. I have seen complaints about the eyepiece covers not staying on. I have not had this problem. You simply squeeze the two round pieces together and slip it on the eyepieces. The springy part keeps tension on the covers to keep them in place. If your binoculars are opened up wide, this will not work as well. One of my guides has Nikon cameras and binoculars, and raves about the customer service, although I hope not to need it.

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    H2O proof, eye ease

    Posted by Geranz on December 24, 2013

    Monarch 7 is a solid and rugged binocular w/ high end adjustable eye cups, smooth & accurate center focus operation & great field of view. I also recommend it for its ability to close focus within 2.2 meters!