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Harness the most advanced optical system in any MONARCH ATB yet. With 10x magnification, truly all-terrain durability and handling and the latest innovations in multilayer coatings, MONARCH 7 delivers the sharpest, brightest view of your passions ever.
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    Awesome binoculars!

    Posted by Miranda on March 9, 2017

    These were my first pair binoculars and the optical view is amazing on this thing ! I am a first time customer with Nikon and i am glad i made the purchase. And i cant forget to mention the warranty is amazing.

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    Game Warden Approved

    Posted by SneakyPete on June 12, 2016

    I work as a state game warden and I see a bunch of glass. Some of us use the Monarch line.

    We regularly compare gear, and recently we got together and compared binoculars. The overwhelming response was that my Monarch 7's were the best among multiple brands in this price point and even higher. Time will tell whether or not they are indestructible, but so far, when it comes to seeing those crucial details from a concealed location... I easily see the difference and appreciate the quality of the Monarch 7 binoculars.

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    Worth the the money!

    Posted by Highcountryelk on June 11, 2016

    Bought these binoculars for a New Mexico elk hunt! Let me tell you these binoculars didn't disappoint! Very light weight which came in handy for the long hikes in and out everyday! Most durable and clearest binoculars I've ever used! Beyond satisfied with they way they preformed!!

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    Great price, even better optics

    Posted by glassing guru on April 3, 2016

    I spend a lot of time behind binos every year. This last year my old Nikon's were lost when I loaned them to a friend, so I was forced to purchase a new pair of Monarchs. When I first received the new M7 10X42 I was impressed by how light and compact they were. When I looked through them I was even more impressed by how bright and crisp the image was. Clarity was all the way from edge to edge. I then compared them to my very high dollar binos in the same specifications (which are about 10 years old but very well cared for) both during the day and at low light. The new M7 actually out performed this binocular that cost 4X as much in every aspect of a binocular I would consider important in a purchasing decision. If you are looking for great optics, look no further than the new Monarch 7. They would be a great deal even if they cost twice as much. If Nikon comes out with a Monarch 7 in 15 or 20's I may have to sell my high dollar 15X56 binos and purchase these instead, all the while saving over $1K!

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    Simply Excellent

    Posted by NC Wildlife LEO - Retired on December 8, 2015

    I am a recently retired Wildlife Law Enforcement Officer from North Carolina. For many years I used an older pair of Nikon Monarch Binoculars (state issued, model 3) during my work. In using these I often tried out other brands from fellow sportsmen and compared them to my state issued Nikon Monarch binoculars. I was always glad that I had a pair of quality binoculars to use instead of another brand.
    I retired, and turned in the optics that I had used for many years. Once you use quality optics, you depend on them. So, I had to replace what I turned in, by purchasing new optics, and I knew I had to go with quallity. I went straight to Nikon.
    I use these binoculars for hunting, wildlife watching, and sporting events.
    I just love this product! The glass is very high quality which makes for very clear viewing. I find them to be quite comfortable to hold to my eyes, and easy to adjust.
    These binoculars are a joy to use in low light conditions, especially during the first and last 30 minutes of hunting and wildlife watching! During the day with full light, the objects are incredibly clear.
    Combine this with a Lifetime Warranty, and I am glad I purchased these Nikon Monarch binoculars.

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    Good image, great FOV, so-so CA, poor lens caps

    Posted by rh on July 29, 2015

    1. Product selection - I like photography and own a Nikon EDG 85 VR fieldscope, using the Nikon camera adapter to mount the fieldscope on camera as well. This purchase is for a coming Safari trip (Masai Mara, Kenya), where additional and portable binocular is desired. I read the reviews about Monarch 5 vs. 7, 8x vs 10x, Nikon vs. other brands, and settled down with Monarch 7 10x42. My friend wants me to bring him a Monarch 5 8x42 this trip, so I have a chance to compare. The higher magnification and wider FOV are the main factors of this pick;

    2. Image quality - very good, clear image. The edge image quality is compromised, but generally not noticeable unless you intentionally looking at the edge. The wider FOV could be a factor. It you compare with other models with narrow FOV, Monarch 7 provides you the "extra" edge that do not exist on others. If you use the edge for "situation awareness", it fits the purpose. If the intention is to use it as camera lens, you may not like the edge quality. The EDG fieldscope I have produce much better edge quality, and it is not difficult to notice the differences (price is 8+ times higher though). The wide FOV gives the 10x M7 higher magnification at about the same FOV, comparing with the M5. (which is the reason I picked M7). In one occasion, I was looking at a large bird from not too far, the detail was great, the bird looks completely pop up from the background, but somehow the body of the bird looks flat. I will have to use it more to report later.

    3. CA issue, that is widely discussed. There is a light CA when viewing against strong white sky, it won't be an issue looking at targets at ground level. For birding, it can be a concern. The Monarch 7 10x42 is WORSE than the Monarch 5 8x42 in this aspect. However, to get CA-free can be difficult. Even my EDG Fieldscope can sometime show minor CA in extreme case.

    4. Build - made in China, very solid feel, even a little heavy! The control is about right to me, smooth and damped, not too loose, but easy enough for quick adjustment. The only problem is the poor lens cap design. The 42mm front cap is acceptable, but the operation is "rubberish", lack of the snappy feel; the other side is a lot worse, it doesn't fit at all and won't stay on. One has to use hand to hold it to stay. It does help to protect the lens when storing in the supplied pouch, I guess that is the purpose.

    I think the M7 10x42 is a better choice for me, comparing the M5 8x42, for higher magnification with good FOV. But if CA is the top concern, you may think differently.

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    Almost perfect. .........

    Posted by Doougie on November 3, 2014

    They would've been perfect if the lense covets were better and stayed on. I won these at a BPS demo and I'm scared to use them in the field hunting. The covers need a better way to stay on the body or strap. I like my same power Bass Pro Shop binoculars better for hunting due to them staying on the product.

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    realy great

    Posted by Ron on September 11, 2014

    After two weeks I am thrilled with these binoculars. Very good in low light and very sharp. .I shoot a Nikon D800 with pro glass and the optics here are equal. Used for bird watching, stalking wildlife to get close for the camera.

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    Nikon is different than the competition

    Posted by D. on November 7, 2013

    I just purchased the Monarch7 10x42 after four trips to the local sporting goods store to compare their huge selection of competing brands. The final comparison was at dusk, outside the store. After multiple frustrating attempts to see any significant difference between brands within the brightly lit store, I did the dusk test. Even then, it was difficult until close to darkness. However, Nikon was obviously superior in color contrast and sharp focus than the other brands. The store employee who was assisting agreed in the end, after he previously recommended another brand. He is now converted to Nikon. The others used for comparison were: Leupold McKinley, Zeiss Conquest, Vortex Razor and Viper. The superior look, feel and operation is a nice bonus.