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The ACULON A211 10-22x50 zoom binoculars are built with multi-purpose functionality and a lightweight, ergonomic design. These binoculars are perfect for those looking for extremely versatile, economically priced and quality optic.
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  • 4

    Too narrow of a FOV!

    Posted by Dennis on May 22, 2020

    Not a bad binocular for a zoom binocular but the FOV is much too narrow for birding use. I wouldn't recommend it for any use where you need a wide FOV.

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    Blurry vision .

    Posted by Dennis Bouslaugh on September 15, 2019

    I have had these for about 1 1/2 years worked great on zoom.about six months ago I noticed that my left eye piece has become blurry , unable to focus even when zooming in . What can I do about it .

  • 5

    Great for fishing

    Posted by Fishing is Life on August 30, 2019

    Love the Aculon, great on the ocean or on land. Very durable and light weight.

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    Needs better design.

    Posted by pro hunter on February 15, 2016

    second pair of 10x22x50 with zoom. Eye piece ,end you look through, fell out on to ground. something came loose inside. Bought first pair and returned after two weeks for second pair. Four yrs. later same thing happens.

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    all around great

    Posted by bird on March 14, 2015

    These binos put me above the rest. Nikon servise was great.

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    Excellent for bird watching and hiking

    Posted by Aculon A211 on January 23, 2015

    For the purchase price, these are superb binoculars, lightweight and with excellent optics.

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    A serious disappointment

    Posted by Ordinary person on October 9, 2014

    This particular pair of Nikon Aculon A211 10-22x50 binoculars was a serious letdown. After owning other Nikon products (including two cameras and a pair of Action binoculars), all of which impressed me greatly, I was in disbelief by how poor these binoculars turned out to be.

    The field of view was horribly poor on 10-power, which begs the question why have such a variable to begin with? On 10 power, it's like looking through straws. Sure, the clarity is great, but the size of the image is horribly small.

    I was far more impressed by my Nikon Action 10x50 binoculars. The field of view is nearly double, and the cost was nearly half. Having a 22-power zoom on the Aculon didn't at all make up for the diminished field of view.

    I will most certainly be returning this product.

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    Not up to Nikons standard

    Posted by mbrosch on July 4, 2014

    Bought these a year ago and never was happy with the zoom feature since it didn't hold focus on both eye pieces when changing zoom, so it was zoom in and focus, zoom out and focus. Not a big problem but still tiring. Then I got them wet, not soaked, not drowned, just had them on in a light mist, and one side leaked. When I wanted to return them for repair Nikon wanted to see the original store receipt. and warranty card. HEADS UP: These things are not water proof, and save your warranty card and receipt..
    Would I buy another Aculon? Absolutely not. Would I buy Nikon? I'm on the fence there.

  • 5

    Aculon 10-22x50

    Posted by Grouse Hunter on March 28, 2013

    These binoculars are worth the purchase price. The view is sharp at all focal lengths. Light weight, yet still hand holdable at maximum zoom, although I would recommend a monopod for extended viewing at 22x. The chromatic aberrations are minimal even in bright light. Great all around binocular.