7x50 OceanPro CF WP Global Compass

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    Amasing product and service

    Posted by DevOcean on June 2, 2019

    My Nikon 7x50 CF WP were a gift over 10 year ago and the have been great. Because we ocean sail they were getting weathered. I decided to have them refurbished. To my surprise a brand new pair was delivered to my house. No one can beat this product and service. Thank you

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    Great Value - you won't be disappointed with the Clarity and Durability

    Posted by Year-round Hunter on May 15, 2019

    I have owned the 7x50 CF WP Compass for over 15 years and they have never disappointed. I am not a sailor but am an avid hunter and need a waterproof pair. Mine have been to Canada, the Midwest, all over the Southeast chasing ducks, deer, coyote, and countless hours at the rifle range. Its not recommended to leave optics in a hot vehicle, but this pair stays in my truck almost year round and have withstood the South Georgia heat and humidity, and the Saskatchewan cold and freezing rain.
    Although they are not overly heavy, I swapped the floating neck strap for an elastic harness which keeps them snug to the chest and reduces day-long fatigue by absorbing shock from walking.
    The illuminated compass is an underrated feature and comes in handy. Learning to use the ranging reticle is very easy (I learned as a tank commander in the US Army with a different brand of bino, but these are just as tough and clear as the ones issued to soldiers).
    Last year my twin boys wanted their first pair of "real binos" for hunting, so I bought Nikons again. My heavy-barrel coyote rifle is topped with a Nikon. Yes, I also own several other brands of optics, but Nikon's clarity, durability, and value are top tier.
    Lastly, Nikon customer service is the best you will find. I've never had a problem with this pair, but my compact 10x25 pair started fogging up after 25yrs. Normally, I would have retired them, but they were a gift with tons of sentimental value so I sent them back for repair/refurb - and was more than pleased and impressed with the turn-around time and result!

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    Great for creek swimming

    Posted by Creekswimmer on September 21, 2018

    These are great for when I go swimming in the creek.

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    Cheap but sturdy

    Posted by IluvNikon on August 29, 2017

    These binoculars are life changing, I never actually had binoculars before these Nikon bad boys and man I tell ya, very reasonable pricing for such good quality.

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    You need these

    Posted by Strontium90 on May 20, 2017

    Consider a moderate operator will attain moderate performance out of premium equipment but a skilled operator will attain maximum performance out of moderate equipment. If you are sailing, kayaking out on open water, deep in the woods, and just someplace your life means every step you must carry equipment that has the performance to meet your skills. This unit will meet your skills and hang on to the limit. This unit is light, optics are sharp, durable, and being real world waterproof will not fail you no matter how rough the trip. Most people use their equipment as a hobby but whether it is a hobby or a profession if your optics fail you on mission you are done. A life time guarantee is no good when you are past the twilight zone and entering the outer limits as there is no place invoke the warranty.